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Antibiotics are not always safe: Experts explain how to take them correctly

Antibiotics are not always safe: Experts explain how to take them correctly Experts explained how to take antibiotics correctly (Photo: Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Antibiotics are not always safe for human health. Improper use of them can lead to resistance and addiction of the body, the press center of the National Health Service of Ukraine reports.

Antimicrobial resistance happens when bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites stop responding to antimicrobials. This leads to ineffective antibiotics and challenging treatment of infections.

Consequently, antibiotic resistance can cause severe illnesses such as pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Tips for using antibiotics

  • Antibiotics only work on bacteria. Never use them for viral infections, because antibiotics are helpless in the fight against them;
  • do not self-medicate, consult a doctor;
  • do not interrupt the course of antibiotics on your own, do not use antibiotics from the pack that remains after the course of treatment. Do not share these medicines with others or advise them to take them;
  • get vaccinated and maintain good hand hygiene;
  • consult a doctor immediately if the prescribed antibiotics do not alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

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