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American ship shot down ballistic missile launched by Houthis in Red Sea

American ship shot down ballistic missile launched by Houthis in Red Sea An American ship shot down a ballistic missile launched by the Houthis in the Red Sea (photo: Getty Images)

Houthis attempted to attack US ships and commercial vessels, but thanks to the coordinated efforts of the international coalition forces, the militants' attack was repelled, according to the US Central Command (CENTCOM).

It is reported that American military forces repelled two Houthi attacks, destroying four explosive drones and a ballistic missile.

"A coalition vessel successfully engaged one anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM) launched from Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist-controlled areas in Yemen over the Gulf of Aden. The ASBM was likely targeting the MV Yorktown, a US-flagged, owned, and operated vessel with 18 US and four Greek crew members. There were no injuries or damage reported by US, coalition, or commercial ships," CENTCOM said in a statement.

It was determined that the missile and drones posed an immediate threat to the US, the coalition, and commercial vessels in the region. The destruction of Houthi aerial targets is said to be solely for the protection of freedom of navigation and the enhancement of the safety of international waters for US, coalition, and commercial ships.

What preceded it

After Hamas militants invaded Israel, the Houthis have been regularly attempting attacks on ships in the Red Sea. For instance, in early April, American military personnel reported the destruction of four drones launched by the Houthis toward merchant vessels in the Red Sea.

Additionally, on March 23, fighter jets from the US Navy aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower struck three underground storage facilities in areas of Yemen controlled by the Houthis. According to media reports, China is funding the Houthis' attacks on ships in the Red Sea.