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American millionaire names only one product that prolongs life

American millionaire names only one product that prolongs life What product can prolong life (RBC-Ukraine collage)

Bryan Johnson, a billionaire entrepreneur who became popular for his decision to receive a blood transfusion from his 17-year-old son to preserve youth, has announced his intention to share a “secret ingredient” that he says can extend life expectancy.

What the millionaire advises to eat to stay young

The famous tech mogul, known for his passion for anti-aging, recently shared one of the key ingredients that he consumes every day to stay young. We are talking about chocolate.

Bryan claims that he has been eating chocolate every day for three years and it allows him to cheat aging.

Американський мільйонер назвав всього один продукт, який продовжує життя

Bryan told us about the secret of his youth (Screenshot)

Benefits of cocoa

Bryan Johnson talks about his daily practice of consuming a measured portion of cocoa, which he considers to be beneficial for health.

He explains that cocoa has numerous benefits for the body and claims that consuming a healthy amount of it daily can help brain health, improve executive function, preserve long-term memory, and support heart health.

However, he emphasizes that not all cocoa sold in stores is of high quality.

What kind of cocoa the millionaire recommends

Bryan Johnson provides tips on choosing high-quality cocoa that can be useful for consumers.


The first thing you should pay attention to is the purity of the product. It is important to choose cocoa that does not contain additional additives or fillers or has not been subjected to processing that can change its composition.


The second aspect is the condition of the cocoa. It should not be crushed or damaged, as this may indicate that the product has lost its quality or has been contaminated.

Checking for heavy metals

Another important thing is to check cocoa for heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and others. High levels of these substances can be harmful to health.

Flavonol content

Finally, it is important to make sure that the cocoa you choose has a high flavonol content. Flavonols are antioxidants that can have beneficial effects on heart health and cognitive function.

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