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AI can now mimic human handwriting

AI can now mimic human handwriting Photo: Artificial intelligence trained to realistically simulate human handwriting ("

Scientists from Abu Dhabi's Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence have expanded the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Now it can mimic human handwriting, reports Bloomberg.

Artificial intelligence can currently only write in English and a bit in French. There are difficulties with Arabic.

AI can imitate the handwriting of anyone based on just a few paragraphs of written material. Researchers achieved this result using a transformer model - a type of neural network designed to understand the context and meanings of data.

It is planned that such new capabilities of AI will be applied, in particular, to people with disabilities who are unable to hold a pen.

The technology also creates risks for mass forgery of handwriting, which will necessitate the development of tools to combat such fraud.

Researchers stated that they plan to implement these AI capabilities in real applications in the coming months.

Recall that earlier, the International Monetary Fund stated that almost 40% of jobs worldwide could be replaced by artificial intelligence.

The expected consequences will be more pronounced in economically developed countries than in partially developing markets.