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Accident in Kyiv: driver hit down National Guard soldiers at a checkpoint, one fatality

Accident in Kyiv: driver hit down National Guard soldiers at a checkpoint, one fatality Two National Guard soldiers shot down at a checkpoint in Kyiv, one killed (Photo:

In Kyiv, a driver hit military personnel at a checkpoint, resulting in the death of one soldier. The accident occurred during the curfew, and the responsible driver has already been detained, reported, the Kyiv police said.

"The driver of a passenger car was speeding, collided with National Guard soldiers, and crashed into two other vehicles. As a result of the accident, one serviceman of the National Guard was killed on the spot, and another was carried to the hospital with injuries of varying degrees of severity and medical assistance was provided to another injured soldier at the scene," the statement said.

Today, at 00:05, the Kyiv police received a report on emergency line 102 about the accident involving casualties at a checkpoint near the "Sviatoshyn" metro station. Emergency medical assistance and an investigative-operational group from the city's central police department were immediately dispatched to the scene.
Preliminary investigations by law enforcement revealed that a 23-year-old driver was driving at high speed when he hit two National Guard service members on duty at the checkpoint. After that, the car collided with two parked vehicles, one belonging to a territorial recruitment center.

"As a result of the collision, a 49-year-old soldier died from the injuries he sustained at the scene, while his 26-year-old comrade, who was also on duty, was hospitalized with varying degrees of severity. Another injured serviceman received medical assistance at the scene," the police added.

Photo from the scene of an accident at a checkpoint in Kyiv on July 25 (

As reported by the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office, according to the investigation materials, the car driver, while driving along Beresteysky Prospekt during the curfew, collided with the National Guard service members on duty at the checkpoint.
In addition, the Kyiv police published a video of the moment of the accident on Beresteysky Prospekt.

Law enforcement officers examined the driver's condition for intoxication using the "Drager" device, which did not detect alcohol in his system. Further examinations will determine whether he was under the influence of drugs. The driver was apprehended by the police under the procedure specified in Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

The investigators of the Kyiv Police have initiated a criminal proceeding under Part 2 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which pertains to violations of road safety rules or vehicle operation by individuals operating vehicles. The detained individual may face imprisonment for three to eight years and a driving ban for up to three years or without it.

Accident with military in Kyiv

This accident involving military personnel in Kyiv is not the first fatal road accident involving the National Guard. On May 25, at 23:55, a driver of a Lexus ES350 was driving along Beresteysky Prospekt in Kyiv, passing by a checkpoint where he hit and killed a 23-year-old National Guard serviceman. Later, it was revealed that the driver was Judge Oleksiy Tandyr from the Makariv District Court of the Kyiv region. At present, Judge Tandyr is in custody.