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9 things that need cleaning every day

9 things that need cleaning every day Things that need to be cleaned every day (illustration: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Hardly anyone is a cleaning enthusiast - it seems that it's better to clean effectively once every two weeks. However, certain parts of the home need to be cleaned every day. But that doesn't mean you need to take the mop and the strongest agents - a light cleaning is enough, according to Martha Stewart.


While it may be tempting to put dirty dishes in the sink and forget about them, they should be washed every day.

According to Melissa Poepping, founder of The Chemical Free Home, dishes put aside for the next day can cause bad odors.

Food particles can make the task more difficult and, in some cases, leave stubborn stains, which means more time spent cleaning.

Kitchen sink

Steel, white composite, and porcelain sinks can easily become stained if left dirty.

To make this easier, it is recommended to rinse the sink after washing dishes and wipe it dry with a dish-drying towel to prevent stubborn water or mineral deposits from forming.

Water bottle

Reusable water bottles, which are quite popular, need a daily wash. It is recommended to wash them with warm water and dishwashing liquid or, if possible, in a dishwasher.

The bottle can become an ideal platform for bacteria, and mold can quickly appear on the lid due to constant moisture.

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops and stoves should be wiped down every night if you cook. After all, these are places for cooking. In addition, the stove often collects spills from cooking.

Harmful bacteria can grow on these surfaces, which can affect your health.

Kitchen floor

While you don't need to get out the mop every day, a quick sweep of the kitchen floor after dinner is essential.

Sweeping up crumbs from the floor should be part of your daily cleaning routine to keep your home free of unpleasant pests.

Dishwashing sponge

Since sponges are used for washing dishes, they also need daily cleaning.

In between washing dishes, it is recommended to rinse the sponge thoroughly with detergent and, whenever possible, try to let the sponge dry completely between uses.

Coffee machine

The coffee machine does not need deep cleaning or degreasing every day, but some components should be rinsed daily.

After using the coffee machine, clean the bowl where the coffee grounds go, as well as the coffee pot, with warm soapy water - and then with plain water.

Glass shower walls

After showering, water stains from hard water appear on the glass, which can be difficult to remove later.

To prevent this, it is recommended to wipe down the shower doors with a cloth daily or each time after showering.

Sink and bathroom countertop

Every morning, after finishing your routine, it's recommended to wipe down the countertop or any other surface in the bathroom where essential items are placed. This area easily accumulates remnants of makeup, toothpaste, and hair.

In addition to daily cleaning, these surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned once a week to remove all water spots and dirt.

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