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9 reasons why people don't understand and fear strong, independent women

9 reasons why people don't understand and fear strong, independent women Why strong and independent women are feared (photo: Freepik)

Often you can see how men, and sometimes even some women, shy away with apprehension from decisive, ambitious, and independent women - those referred to as strong and independent. But sometimes such fear is unfounded.

HackSpirit tells why strong-willed women are often misunderstood and feared.

Their self-assurance is often perceived as coldness

Strong women are often correctly perceived as self-sufficient, and impervious to criticism or advice. However, this trait is sometimes mistakenly considered aloofness or coldness.

Contrary to this misconception, strong women deeply value their relationships with others. However, their independence means that they seek approval from themselves rather than from others.

The persistence of a strong and independent woman is perceived as aggression

Independent women confidently express their thoughts and beliefs, although societal biases may perceive this trait as aggression. However, it's important to understand that this is clear communication and boundary-setting, not aggression.

In reality, strong and independent women prioritize mutual respect and cooperation, without attempting to dominate others.

Emotional stability is perceived as emotional detachment

Strong women often demonstrate emotional resilience, calmly solving problems, but this may be wrongly interpreted as emotional detachment.

However, in reality, strong women deeply feel emotions - they just can effectively manage them. This emotional resilience reflects personal growth and self-awareness.

The desire for independence is perceived as a rejection of a company

Strong women value their independence, enjoying the freedom to choose and develop in various fields. However, this ability is often mistakenly perceived as a rejection of friendship.

But this is far from the truth. Strong women value friendship and relationships but understand that their self-worth is not dependent on others, so they do not seek approval from partners.

Financial independence is mistakenly perceived as materialism

Financial independence is essential for strong women. However, they prioritize aligning financial capabilities with core values, using money as a catalyst for positive change.

Unfortunately, this trait is sometimes wrongly interpreted as materialism or an obsession with money.

The ability to be alone is mistakenly perceived as loneliness

Strong women can find solace in solitude. They view free time as an opportunity for self-reflection, creativity, and personal growth. However, this is often confused with loneliness.

But in reality, comfort in solitude lies in being in harmony with oneself and understanding one's needs, desires, and emotions.

Non-acceptance of societal norms is perceived as rebellion

Strong women fearlessly challenge societal norms that contradict their beliefs - this defiance arises from a desire for authenticity.

Therefore, independent women reject certain standards, embracing diversity and nurturing relationships built on mutual respect and empathy. However, misunderstanding this leads to their authenticity often being perceived as mere rebellion.

The pursuit of personal growth is mistakenly perceived as egocentrism

Strong women are committed to personal growth. Their focus on personal growth is about becoming a better version of themselves to then make a positive contribution to society or the environment.

However, this pursuit of personal growth can often be misunderstood as egocentrism.

The ability to adapt and evolve is seen as inconsistency

Strong women can find new opportunities for realization even in uncertainty, showcasing their determination and optimism. For example, they may start their own business after being laid off.

While such a career change may seem inconsistent to some, it demonstrates the ability to adapt and the perseverance to succeed in any situation.

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