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8 signs of female abuse: Check yourself

8 signs of female abuse: Check yourself
Author: Daryna Vialko

Abuse can occur not only from the side of a man but also from the side of a woman, although more often it is attributed to emotionality, states psychologist Oleksandr Tsurkan.

What are the signs of female abuse?

According to the psychologist, female abuse is also not a rare phenomenon in relationships. It is not discussed much, but it is no less destructive for relationships, the psyche, and for both the woman and the man.

The first sign is humiliation and insults, especially of masculine qualities. For example, in finances, in sexual life, comparison with other men, or with ex-partners.

"The second is manipulation through insult," says the psychologist.

The third is ignoring the problems or insults.

"The fourth sign is changing masks. When you're alone with your partner, you criticize him, but for your audience, he's the best," noted the psychologist.

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The main signs of female abuse (photo: Freepik)

The fifth sign is blackmail in any form.

"The sixth sign is the well-known emotional rollercoaster. One moment she loves you, the next she hates you, then she gets angry, then she's with you, then she just leaves and breaks up," Oleksander explains.

The seventh sign is constant control.

And the eighth sign is pathological jealousy.

With this list, you can check whether there are signs of abuse in your behavior and relationship with your partner.

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