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8 ways to avoid back pain

8 ways to avoid back pain What to do to prevent back pain (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Regular exercise and physical activity can do wonders for your health and body. Physical activity helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many other diseases, as reported by the medical community Zdorovishi razom.

What to do

Doctors say that movement is the key to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. It also improves intellectual abilities and reduces the risk of stroke.

The following tips will help you increase your mobility:

  • do simple morning exercises
  • warm up during the working day
  • get up and walk around, do a few squats
  • take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • ride a bicycle to get to your work. Do not forget about safety, follow the rules of the road
  • watch your posture during the day, and keep your back straight
  • go for a massage regularly
  • attend a stretching class or do stretching exercises at home. These exercises normalize blood circulation in the body. Pay special attention to back stretching

Before you start, ask your doctor what kind of exercise you are allowed to do.

When you need an urgent medical consultation

It is almost impossible to find out the cause of low back pain on your own, but there are clear signs that the situation requires immediate medical attention. Among them:

  • sharp back pain, the lower back is acutely tense or blocked
  • previous injury
  • back pain with numbness in the perineum
  • back pain after sleep that worsens in the morning
  • localization of pain in several places at the same time
  • low back pain is accompanied by numbness in the leg, groin, foot, thigh, buttock

Adequate and timely treatment of back pain will allow the patient to maintain ability to work and avoid complications.

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