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8 signs that you truly have 'golden' heart and kind soul

8 signs that you truly have 'golden' heart and kind soul How to understand if a person has a good heart (photo: Freepik)

In the world, there are many truly talented and gifted individuals, but some of them stand out for their enormous and incredibly kind hearts. Truly good people exhibit certain characteristics, according to the Hack Spirit website.

Empathy - your second nature

There are so many human emotions, but among them, empathy is a hallmark of a genuinely kind heart.

Moreover, empathy is a complex interplay of both cognitive and emotional processes. And people who naturally embody this are often characterized as individuals with good hearts.

A person who genuinely empathizes with you will sit with you when you are down and share in your excitement.

Always ready to lend a helping hand

The readiness to help others, even at your own expense, is a shining sign that you have a good heart.

In truly good people, selfless concern for the well-being of others takes precedence.

It's not for recognition or reward, but to brighten someone else's day.

Capable of forgiveness

On the other hand, forgiveness can lead to a decrease in levels of anxiety and depression, improvement in heart health, and even strengthening of the immune system.

But forgiveness is not only beneficial for your health but also a key indicator of a truly good heart. It is the refusal to hold onto resentment and anger towards those who have harmed you.

You are honest, even when it's hard

Honesty is more than just telling the truth. It means being sincere with yourself and others, even when it's not the easiest path.

Psychologists say that honesty is linked to moral integrity. It demonstrates respect for the truth and the importance of building trust in relationships.

You show respect to all

Respecting others is a manifestation of empathy and kindness.

Because when you respect others, they in turn respect you, and this is crucial for building healthy relationships and fostering a positive environment.

But respect goes beyond mere politeness. It involves listening to others.

You're not afraid to show your emotions

If you can express your true emotions when another person expresses theirs, it's a sign of emotional intelligence.

In short, genuine expression of your emotions shows that you're authentic - allowing yourself to feel joy, sadness, anger, fear; all of which makes us human.

You know how to listen

You listen not only with your ears but also with your heart. You understand that sometimes people don't need advice or solutions. Sometimes they just need someone who will truly listen.

A good listener is not just good company but a source of comfort.

Aspiring to be better

The most telling sign of a truly good heart is the constant pursuit of personal growth and improvement. It's recognizing your shortcomings and making conscious efforts to improve.

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