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7 simple tips to help protect your phone from overheating even in hot weather

7 simple tips to help protect your phone from overheating even in hot weather Simple tips to protect your phone from heat (photo: Freepik)

Summer heat can pose a real challenge for smartphones. As temperatures rise, the risk of phone overheating increases, potentially leading to damage or reduced performance. Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to protect your device from excessive heat, according to TechRadar, a source for news and reviews of technology products and gadgets.

Protect your phone from overheating

On a hot day, you probably want to seek shade to avoid the heat, just like your phone does. Try not to leave it in direct sunlight, as sunlight can quickly heat it up.

So, when you're at home, don't place it near a window. Also, avoid leaving your smartphone in a car or any other place that naturally heats up on a sunny day – this can cause your phone to overheat and malfunction.

Remove the case

A case can act as insulation, so if your phone is heating up, the case will retain heat inside. You need to remove it so that the heat can dissipate quickly.

Of course, if you have a good case that serves other purposes besides protecting your phone, like having a built-in wallet for credit cards or an external battery, you can keep it on. But if you're just relaxing at home or having a picnic in the park, it wouldn't hurt to take off the case for a few minutes.

Adjust the phone settings

If you want to cool down your phone, there are several useful settings that you can change to prevent overheating.

Firstly, reduce the screen brightness as much as possible. While this may make it harder to read from the screen, it will consume less battery power, thus reducing the device's heat.

If your phone has an automatic brightness adjustment feature, it may set the brightness to maximum outdoors, so consider disabling it.

Secondly, turn off data transmission when not in use, and possibly switch the device to Airplane mode if you don't need to communicate for a while. Similar to screen brightness, disabling these functions saves battery power, directly affecting the phone's temperature.

Some phones, especially gaming ones, have performance modes that boost the phone's performance but drain the battery faster. Of course, it's advisable to refrain from using these modes.

If you're unsure whether your phone has such a mode, it likely doesn't, as gaming modes are usually found only on certain specialized models.

Don't push your phone to its limits

Regardless of the weather, some activities heat your phone: demanding games, video or photo editing, and fast charging.

If it's already hot outside and your phone is warming up, it's best to avoid these actions. Two sources of heat can lead to very rapid overheating.

Therefore, if possible, postpone gaming, charge your phone more slowly, and delay editing photos until you're in a cooler place.

Don't keep your phone in your pocket

Pockets can be quite hot places for your phone - they often press the device directly against your body, absorbing all your warmth.

It's best to take your phone out of any tight pants or shirt pockets. Coat or jacket pockets may be an option, but on a hot day, you probably won't be wearing them.

If you're outside, it's best to carry your phone in a bag, as it will keep it further away from your body. And if you're sitting in one place, consider taking the device out of your pocket and placing it where you can keep an eye on it.

Do not use extreme cooling methods

Most attempts to rapidly cool down a phone can do more harm than good.

Firstly, it is not recommended to immerse the phone in water, even if your phone has IP68 water resistance. You may submerge it or leave it underwater for too long. Moreover, these methods do not always yield significant results.

Also, do not leave the phone in the refrigerator or freezer - rapid cooling of smartphones can cause condensation to form inside the device, which can damage it and potentially void the warranty.

Place it in front of a fan

Turn on a fan and position the phone so that the airflow is directed towards it.

This will allow the phone to cool down slowly enough to avoid damaging it, while reducing heat buildup caused by hot weather and normal device usage.