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7 simple habits that can help you lose weight quickly

7 simple habits that can help you lose weight quickly What habits will help you lose weight quickly (photo: Freepik)

In the modern world, healthy eating and maintaining optimal weight are becoming increasingly relevant due to growing interest in a healthy lifestyle. To shed extra pounds, it is advisable to adopt healthy habits into your daily life, according to the Best Life Online website.

Eat a breakfast rich in protein and fiber

Incorporating the right foods into your morning meal can help you focus on healthy eating.

Adding nuts or seeds to oatmeal is an example of protein and fiber-rich breakfasts.

Dietitian Nicole Andrea-Russett explains that protein and fiber can support weight control and metabolism. These foods provide longer-lasting satiety, reducing hunger and consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

Don't eliminate carbohydrates

Often, people cut out carbohydrates to help control their weight. However, excluding healthy carbohydrates such as potatoes or whole grains can be detrimental to gut health.

Research shows that consuming whole grains can benefit gut health, which in turn supports a healthy metabolism. A diet rich in whole grains helps with weight control and reduces inflammation compared to refined grains.

Proper sleep

Getting enough sleep can be one of the best ways to lose weight.

Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain because it can lead to physical exhaustion, causing you to avoid physical exercise and seek carbohydrates for quick energy.

Replace sugary drinks with water

Getting enough fluids has many health benefits. When it's time to choose what to drink, cold water is usually the best option over carbonated drinks or juices, even if they are advertised as low-calorie or diet options.

Artificial sweeteners have side effects like disrupting gut microbiota and metabolism.

Long-term use of artificial sweeteners can lead to increased weight and belly fat.

If you want to add some flavor to your drink, try adding natural flavorings to water instead.

Physical activity

Not everyone has the energy or time for full workouts. So, try taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. This simple switch is a quick and effective way to raise your heart rate and engage multiple muscles.

Using stairs stimulates your body to be more active daily. Even this small change in your daily routine can have a significant impact on your overall level of physical activity.

Also, spend more time outdoors. If your job is far away, try getting off one stop earlier and walking home. This way, your activity level throughout the day will still increase.

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