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7 signs you're in love with wrong person

7 signs you're in love with wrong person Signs you're in love with wrong person (photo: Freepik)

Butterflies in your stomach often arise when you're in love. But sometimes they can appear at the wrong time and for the wrong person. There are certain signs indicating you're in love with the wrong person, reports Hack Spirit.

You feel insecure around them

Psychologists say if your partner makes you feel vulnerable and unsure, then maybe they're not the right person for you.

They may also threaten to leave you at any moment. All to keep you on edge around them.

In such a situation, it's worth reconsidering your relationship.

You constantly feel like you're wrong

If you constantly feel like you're doing something wrong or they make you feel that way, then you're not with the right person.

If your partner truly loves you, they won't treat you like this.

Psychotherapist Robin Stern says this is a major sign of manipulation, used to control your life.

You feel isolated

Feeling isolated in a relationship is a red flag.

This can manifest as your partner forbidding you from seeing friends or family.

Someone who demonstratively allows you to lose sight of those closest to you isn't right for you. They want you to depend only on them.

You're not growing

You feel like you're standing still, even though you're working hard and taking action, but ultimately just killing time without results. Or you even nostalgically recall the past when things were better for you, despite having ambitions and dreams.

Displeasure with yourself

You think everything is fine and overlook dissatisfaction with your life, lack of significant achievements and career growth, absence of business, money, fame, power.

But the person with you is completely satisfied or simply doesn't mind.

You always give in

This is a clear sign of an unhealthy relationship if the other person refuses to compromise. When you're the only one who always gives in to their demands.

They don't share good news with you

If your partner doesn't share good news or exciting life events with you, they don't plan to continue the relationship. Your partner simply doesn't see a long-term future in communicating with you.

It's a very bad sign for your relationship if you find out about their job promotion or plans through social media.

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