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7 'polite' phrases that can actually be very offensive

7 'polite' phrases that can actually be very offensive What phrases can offend a person (photo: Freepik)

To support the interlocutor, it is advisable to avoid certain phrases that may only harm. One must be careful, as they are ambiguous and can offend the person, according to the Hackspirit website.

"You look great for your age" may seem like a compliment at first glance. However, when you add "for your age," it implies that a person should look worse because they are older.

So next time you want to compliment someone on their appearance, just say they look great. There's no need to emphasize age.

"No offense, but..." If you start a sentence like this, you're probably about to say something truly offensive. This phrase is often used as a way to soften a negative comment, but it rarely works.

In reality, it just warns the listener that you're about to say something rude.

"You're so brave to wear that" doesn't sound like a compliment; it's more of a sneaky way of saying you would never wear such an unattractive thing yourself.

Remember, it's always best to keep your fashion judgments to yourself. If it's not your style, that's perfectly fine, but there's no need to criticize someone else.

"You're too pretty to be smart" is a phrase that gets thrown around quite often. It implies that someone's appearance somehow limits or contradicts their intelligence.

Additionally, it undermines the importance of intellect and personal achievements, reducing people to superficial judgments based solely on their looks.

It's important to recognize that intellect knows no bounds and should be celebrated regardless of outward appearance.

"It's just a joke, don't take it personally." If someone is hurt by your "joke," they're not to blame for taking it personally. You're responsible for making a disrespectful comment and trying to pass it off as humor.

Hiding behind the excuse of "it's just a joke" doesn't make the comment any less hurtful or offensive.

Instead, try apologizing and making sure your future jokes are respectful and considerate.

"You should smile more" implies that someone should fulfill your needs.

Remember, people have the right to express their emotions in whatever way feels comfortable to them.

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