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6 wild theories about space conspiracy theorists believe in

6 wild theories about space conspiracy theorists believe in Six unusual and crazy theories about space that are spreading by conspiracy theorists (photo: Getty Images)

Conspiracy theories never lose their allure; for some reason, people not only easily succumb to their influence but also often believe in them. Questions related to outer space and its exploration have troubled humanity for centuries.

RBC-Ukraine explores crazy theories about space that certain groups of people still believe in.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: Live Science, HowStuffWorks, SpaceSpecialists Ltd.

Moon is hollow inside

This theory gained popularity after experiments conducted by the Apollo-12 expedition in 1969. During that mission, the first artificial moonquake was induced on Earth's satellite. Initially, astronauts placed seismometers on the Moon and then dropped a module, the impact of which was comparable in power to the explosion of a ton of TNT.

The results turned out to be unexpected. The vibrations on the Moon were significantly stronger and several times longer than earthquakes on our planet.

Several subsequent U.S. expeditions repeated the experiment, and the results were identical. The Moon was metaphorically compared to a bell ringing after a strike. For conspiracy theorists, this was a sign: the Earth's satellite must be hollow; otherwise, why would it vibrate so much?

In reality, the Moon consists of several layers, including the mantle and core. Numerous studies on gravity, rotation, and other characteristics helped unravel this mystery. The difference in vibrations is simply explained: the Moon is more rigid and dry, like a piece of stone or metal, whereas Earth has a significant amount of water that dampens oscillations faster.

Earth is inside a black hole

This theory is indeed discussed in scientific circles and is known as Schwarzschild's cosmology. It posits that the emergence of our Universe is the result of an explosion from a singularity point inside a supermassive black hole.

If this version is true, then the cosmos resembles a Matryoshka doll. Inside the black holes of one universe, there are hidden other universes, and so on to infinity. However, verifying the reality of this concept is currently impossible—at least for now.

Universe is a hologram

The idea that the universe is a hologram is based on the assumption that space and time in the universe are not continuous. Instead, they are discrete and "pixelated," meaning that you cannot infinitely zoom in on the "image scale" of the universe, delving deeper and deeper into the essence of things.

Upon reaching a certain scale of magnification, the universe takes the form of a low-information image with very poor quality.

As a result, the theory predicts that the universe actually exists only in two dimensions, and the third dimension is an illusion or a hologram created by the interference of space and time.

"Всесвіт - це голограма". Божевільні теорії про космос, які не налазять на голову

What the universe might look like (photo: Medium)

Observing dark energy makes it unstable

According to some theorists, prolonged observation of the Universe, or a portion of it, could lead to its destruction. Some even believe that observing dark energy destabilizes our reality.

Scientists currently estimate that ordinary matter—objects like rocks, glass, water, and so on—occupies only about 4% of the universe. Over 26% is allocated to dark matter. However, we cannot touch or see this matter because it is a type of mass that we are unable to observe.

All we know about it is that it exists, as evidenced by its gravitational effects on other objects in space.

The remaining 70% of the space is filled with dark energy. Scientists are not entirely certain about its nature, but they believe this invisible force is a factor in the expansion of the universe.

In an article, Professor Lawrence Krauss theorizes that observing dark energy "may be shortening the lifespan of the entire universe." This is due to the quantum Zeno effect—a paradox suggesting that observing an object can directly affect it.

In other words, if we observe dark energy, we might disrupt its internal quantum clock, which could, in turn, lead to the return of matter to an earlier form of existence. As a result, all of us could vanish forever.

Pulsars - extraterrestrial beacons

For decades, scientists have been observing various signals from space in the hope of finding evidence that a particular signal was directed towards us by extraterrestrial life.

Some people on Earth firmly believe that pulsars are, in fact, giant beacons created by extraterrestrials. These cosmic objects are sources of electromagnetic radiation, emitting beams of energy every few seconds (or fractions of a second) as they rotate. These emitted beams of energy traverse the entire universe.

Some individuals interpret the regular and repetitive emissions from pulsars as a means of communication. However, there are instances where the frequency of pulsations (emissions) changes. This occurs due to slight variations in the rotation period of the pulsar.

So far, none of the signals received from these cosmic objects have been complex or structured enough to suggest that these pulses are a form of communication or a transmitted message.

"Всесвіт - це голограма". Божевільні теорії про космос, які не налазять на голову

What does a pulsar look like (photo: Owlcation)

Planet X will destroy our world

The story of Planet X first emerged in 1995. It was concocted by Nancy Lieder, a resident of Wisconsin (USA), during an online discussion among UFO enthusiasts.

On the forum, the woman shared a story claiming that she had been abducted by aliens who implanted a tiny transmitter in her head to convey information about the threat of a collision with Planet X to her and the entire world.

According to her, this planet will pass so close to Earth that it will disrupt all natural processes occurring on our planet and, of course, destroy all life on it.

Seeing the growing panic, scientists from NASA's aerospace agency issued a statement stating that if Planet X truly existed, the most powerful telescopes on Earth would have been able to detect it, and humanity would have had at least several decades to prepare for such a massive catastrophe.

We also have material about the discovered cosmic reservoir, the age of which is 12 billion years.