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6 signs of man losing interest and about to leave you

6 signs of man losing interest and about to leave you How to understand that a man is cooling off (photo: Freepik)

When men are unhappy or dissatisfied in their relationships, they often remain silent about it. Certain signs indicate your partner may be having doubts about your relationship but is not admitting it, according to the Hack Spirit website.

Communication has disappeared

When you first started dating, you were in constant contact. Even when you were apart, you would send text messages or call each other to share daily details.

However, the frequency of these messages and calls may have dropped.

When your partner becomes colder and less communicative in your presence, it's a problem.

It could mean that he is distancing himself from you and your relationship, as often happens when feelings fade.

Avoiding contact

It's human nature to want to touch the person we love and be close to them.

Conversely, when we don't like someone, we may instinctively avoid them.

So if a man is no longer as physically affectionate as he used to be, it may indicate that there is a problem in the relationship.

He will not only avoid intimacy with you, but he may also refrain from participating in more everyday romantic gestures, such as holding hands or hugs.

He's always absent

When a man is no longer as comfortable in a relationship as he used to be, he prefers to spend a long time apart.

When relationships start to fade, a partner will begin to avoid coming home. The person will no longer find the same comfort as before being with their partner at that time.

He flirts with others in front of you

A man may show disinterest in you by flirting with other girls.

In this way, a partner can deliberately ignore you, if there are still feelings in the man's heart. Or you are shown disinterest so directly.

Interestingly, if you start making comments or try to clarify the situation, most likely the response will be toxic.

Person has closed off from you

Communication and openness are signs of any healthy and thriving relationship.

If you notice that your partner is hiding their phone, then maybe someone else has appeared in their life. So it's more likely that they're living a double life.

Lack of support

This applies to both bad and good moments. If a man is not there for you in important moments of your life, it indicates that he does not feel true love for you.

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