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6 habits you should break if you're trying to lose weight

6 habits you should break if you're trying to lose weight Nutritionist identifies harmful habits (photo: Freepik)

If you have ever tried to lose weight quickly, you have probably used methods that many believe help achieve this more effectively. However, there are everyday habits that only seem beneficial at first glance, according to Ukrainian nutritionist Olha Dorosh.

According to her, there are subtle things that everyone does regularly, but they do not help achieve goals in their eating routines.

No fish in the diet

This could be any other food that is often not eaten (grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables, dairy products, and offal).

You need to analyze why these foods are rarely in your diet and buy canned sardines or tuna, so that your portion of fish is adequate.

Pay attention to the coffee you drink

A regular serving of Americano contains 3-7 kcal, while a cup of latte contains 120 kcal.

Eating quickly

Modern people often don’t have time to eat because they need to get everything done.

The nutritionist advises having at least one meal mindfully, without gadgets, for at least 10 minutes.

Finishing your children's food

This is an uncontrolled habit for many, "because it's a shame to waste it."

You can finish your child's food, but let it be part of a planned meal. It's best to give the leftovers to pets.

Eating out of boredom

Food isn't the worst way to give yourself support, as long as it’s not regular and not the only method.

If you experience routine emotional overeating, analyze what and why it happens and where you can find support.

Snacking on dried fruits and nuts

It's important to be moderate in the quantity.

100 grams of nuts contain an average of 650 kcal, and 100 grams of dried fruits contain 250 kcal.

Additionally, 30 grams of hard cheese like Gouda contains 100 kcal, which is just a small piece.

Furthermore, weight loss can be prolonged if you consume glazed curds, sweet yogurt, 3-in-1 coffee, or fitness bars between main meals.

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