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5 healthy evening rituals for better sleep and well-being

5 healthy evening rituals for better sleep and well-being What to do before bed for a good mood (photo: Freepik)

Setting yourself up for a good day doesn't just mean having a clear routine. How you spend your evenings is a key part of a good day, according to HuffPost.

Take an evening walk

A few minutes of light movement in the fresh air can lower your blood sugar after a meal and help you calm down.

UK psychologist Lee Chambers said that an evening walk helps your brain calm down, reduce anxiety, and get a good night's sleep.

Put your phone in another room

A good night's sleep has a positive effect on the mental state.

Yale University psychology professor Laurie Santos said that to get better rest, focus on improving your “sleep hygiene.” In particular, the way you use devices has a significant impact on sleep.

Turn off your screens about 30 minutes before bedtime and consider keeping your devices as far away from your bed as possible so you're not tempted to check them at night.

Take a warm bath or shower

Psychologist Justine Grosso noted that such an evening bath is good for physical and mental health.

Bathing in the bathtub improves mood and sleep and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

If you don't have a bathtub, taking a shower will also be helpful.

End the day with gratitude

Before you go to bed, write down three to five things you are grateful for.

The simple act of listing your life's accomplishments can lead to significant improvements in your well-being. So make it a daily habit.

Taking a few minutes to reflect on the people you value and the things you are grateful for will help you feel less stressed.

Avoid drinking alcohol

There is a very common belief that you sleep better after drinking alcohol. This is a misconception. Yes, you may fall asleep faster, but your nervous system will be excited, and you may wake up frequently, which will not contribute to normal sleep and rest.