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5 things never to clean with baking soda

5 things never to clean with baking soda What not to clean with baking soda (collage: RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Baking soda is a good assistant in household cleaning, washing, and disinfection, which helps to remove dirt and grime. However, soda is categorically unsuitable for certain surfaces, according to Santeplusmag.


Marble surfaces can not be cleaned with acidic products such as vinegar, lemon, or bleach, as well as abrasive substances like baking soda. With this product, marble can become porous and vulnerable to damage.

If marble has come into contact with soda, quickly rinse it to avoid scratches or white deposits.

5 речей, які ніколи не варто чистити харчовою содою

Baking soda can damage marble (illustration: Freepik)

So choose gentle, natural cleaners to get good results.


Although this powder effectively removes minor scratches from windows, it is not recommended to use it regularly. Due to its abrasive properties, soda can scratch the window.

5 речей, які ніколи не варто чистити харчовою содою

Do not use soda for glass cleaning (illustration: Freepik)

To have flawless windows, choose white vinegar or water and paper or cloth for glass polishing.

Gold jewelry

Gold jewelry should never be cleaned with soda because the material can be scratched. The best alternative for cleaning gold jewelry from dirt is soapy water.

Soak the jewelry in a bowl of warm water and liquid soap. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water. Dry with a soft, clean cloth, and gold jewelry will shine brightly.

Wooden surfaces

Just like marble, both untreated and lacquered wood can be damaged by baking soda.

The sealant layer used to protect wooden items can be blurred by abrasive products.

5 речей, які ніколи не варто чистити харчовою содою

Soda scratches wooden surfaces (illustration: Freepik)

So instead of baking soda, choose specialized products to keep the protective layer of wood intact. Additionally, some essential oils can restore such surfaces and give them shine.

Aluminum kitchen utensils

Baking soda is popular in culinary use, but it should not be used on aluminum surfaces because it can lose its natural color.

Soapy water with dishwashing liquid would be a better option for giving shine to this kitchenware.