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5 signs of bad doctor

5 signs of bad doctor Signs that indicate a doctor's incompetence (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

In case of any health problems, you should immediately consult a doctor. However, there are several signals that will give you a reason to think about finding another competent specialist, according to Huffpost.

The doctor does not listen to you or interrupts you frequently

If your doctor does not listen to your problems and constantly interrupts you when you describe your symptoms, this is an important sign.

Physician and entrepreneur Julie Cantor says that if a doctor doesn't answer your questions or ignores them, you should see another specialist. Such behavior may indicate incompetence.

In addition, if the doctor wants to finish the appointment as soon as possible, fills out cards during your visit, or listens inattentively, it is better not to see another physician.

You are blamed for health problems

If your symptoms or condition have nothing to do with your lifestyle, but the doctor still insists that you are responsible for the condition, it's time to find another healthcare provider.

Regardless of the circumstances, a doctor should not blame you for anything but rather help you get better.


If a doctor prescribes a large number of additional and sometimes expensive tests and examinations without being able to explain their purpose, it is time to consult another specialist.

A good doctor will clearly explain the purpose of each prescription and additional tests.

Pressures and scares you

If the doctor tries to put pressure on you without taking into account your needs and desires, then such a doctor is not the best option. A good doctor should outline the treatment plan in detail, tell you as much as possible about it, and then give you the right to choose.

Outdated practices

It's important for a doctor to continually develop and improve their knowledge. When a doctor refuses to use modern methods of treatment because he or she is not sure about them, or is not aware of new trends, this is also a reason to change the doctor.