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5 signals that you don't accept your partner as they are

5 signals that you don't accept your partner as they are Signs that you don't accept your partner (photo: freepik)

A person may not understand their partner, and may not agree with them, but they must accept them as they are. There are certain signs that indicate that you don't accept your partner and are trying to change them, writes psychologist Anastasia Mikhailenko on Instagram.

You think there is "something wrong" with your partner

The expert says that a person may want their partner to change. In particular, to be at least a little more confident or focused.

Prove your point

This means that the person believes that there is only one truth and it is yours. You also do not accept your partner's experience because he or she "thinks wrong".


A person can often criticize you, accuse you, "blow your mind", and throw scandals and tantrums.

Constant insults

Resentment is a way of manipulation. A person may start to resent their partner because they expect certain behaviour from them

"I want him to change his behaviour, his attitude towards me," writes the psychologist.


You compare your partner with others, think that someone is lucky to have a boyfriend or husband, and are jealous. However, you shouldn't do this, because each person is special in their way and there is no one better.

Signs that the person next to you is not yours


It manifests itself in the fact that there is no contact with the person, no emotional intimacy. When a person seems to be around, but they don't understand you, you don't feel significant and valuable to your partner.


It occurs in relationships when there are no common interests or when the cultural and intellectual level is too different. Being bored indicates that your interest is not being satisfied with this partner.


You don't feel safe around the person. If you notice that the person allows himself or herself to be insulting, disrespectful, and tries to limit your freedom, then this is 1000% not "your person".