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5 overhyped home products not worth spending money on

5 overhyped home products not worth spending money on Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Advertising online, videos on Instagram or TikTok from space organization experts, films, and photos from various articles—all of these encourage us to buy various products for organizing space. However, there are no universal tips, and just because someone was impressed by a product doesn't necessarily mean it's truly necessary for us.

RBC-Ukraine shares recommendations on what household items shouldn't be bought, according to professional organizers on the Real Simple website.

Dividers for drawers
On the internet, there are plenty of offers for washable dividers for dresser drawers. We often buy something for our wardrobe or dresser to improve the organization of our space. However, such dividers are not worth buying. According to professional organizer Jennifer Du Bois, despite their popularity, these dividers aren't worth the expense. They're impractical, don't hold their shape, and will look messy over time. It's challenging to find the right size, and they only suit identical shirts or sweaters.

Transparent closet containers
"We don’t recommend using all clear bins because it can be very hard to maintain a streamlined look without constant tidying. The visual clutter can get people discouraged about their organizing journey," say the professionals. They also recommend using containers made of wood or rattan, wire baskets, or containers made of non-transparent plastic.

Utensil organizers
Another problematic area is the utensil drawer. There are many different trays for utensils on the market. But one that gained particular popularity is vertical storage that folds and rearranges compartments. Theoretically, it sounds great, but in reality, this device is entirely useless. Most utensil drawers are quite shallow, so such an organizer will touch the top and sides, making the drawer difficult to close and open. Instead, opt for a bamboo dish rack.

Velvet hangers
The best solution for an overcrowded closet is slim hangers. Avoid advertised velvet ones. Their slim profile and soft material might seem advantageous, but they have numerous other drawbacks. Never hang damp or wet clothes on velvet hangers, as the velvet's dye can ruin your clothes. Velvet hangers attract lint and dust, quickly becoming dirty. They're harder to clean compared to plastic ones. Thus, opt for thin plastic or metal hangers.

Narrow shoe organizers
Due to the diversity and incorrect shape of footwear, it's a challenging category to organize storage. To make the closet look neat, allow each pair to breathe. This means avoiding narrow shoe containers. Extra space in the closet might seem tempting, but if you closely look at advertising photos and videos, you'll find that the same type of footwear is laid out everywhere. In reality, a pair of sneakers, sandals, or high-heeled shoes won't be accommodated side by side. Products for organizing your footwear space should fit any type of shoes, not just specific ones.

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