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3 common household items that may harm your health

3 common household items that may harm your health 3 common household items that may harm your health (RBC-Ukraine collage)

Did you know that you can have at home three dangerous household items that can seriously harm your health? These are everyday household things that we use even not thinking about their harm, according to a doctor Maryna Shakotko.

Aroma sticks

Aroma sticks are about "interaction with the universe, space purification, and high energies", but the smoke of aroma sticks has solid parts that can be carcinogenic.

"I also like them, but I don't use them in closed spaces, don't place them near my head, and ventilate the room after using them. Does anyone really know what they are made of?" says Shakotko.

Air fresheners

"Do we really need alpine freshness and sea breeze in our homes? Air freshener in the form of an aerosol is not the best option. During spraying, aromatic substances enter the air in the form of small dispersed particles that can penetrate deeply into the respiratory tract, especially when we are in small closed bathrooms and toilets," explains the doctor.

She adds that these aerosols consist of toxins and carcinogens. Instead of aerosols, you can use aroma diffusers as their vapors do not penetrate deeply into the respiratory tract and do not have such a negative impact.


Poor ventilation, high humidity, and here comes enemy number 3 - mold. Mold and mildew are household names. In fact, it's a colony of fungi, and breathing in fungal spores is very dangerous.

"Diseases of the respiratory tract, allergic reactions, skin diseases, and in the future - disorders of the nervous system and urinary tract - all of this can be the consequences of inhaling spores. If you see mold - get rid of it," advises the expert.

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