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5 items that always must be washed separately

5 items that always must be washed separately Which items should be washed separately (illustrative photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Certainly, everyone has heard at least once that white items should be washed separately to prevent them from picking up colors from other clothing. But in reality, there are a few more types of items for which choosing a separate laundry cycle is recommended, according to Martha Stewart.

Denim clothing

It's best to wash denim items separately according to their temperature settings. The zippers and fasteners on denim can rub against other fabrics, especially knits, and cause damage. Additionally, other fabrics may absorb dye from denim, while denim itself can lose color if washed at the wrong temperature. If washing denim with other items, try to sort clothes by similar colors.

Heavily soiled clothing

Highly soiled or stained clothing is recommended to be washed separately from other clothes. Prior to washing, pre-treat stains based on the type of stain, and then use a longer washing cycle than what may be needed for other items. This not only helps better clean heavily soiled clothing but also prevents dirt or stains from transferring to other clothing.

Clothing with pile fabric

Items prone to pilling should be washed separately from microfiber, velvet, and other fabrics that attract lint. Clothing with pile fabric requires a cold and gentle washing cycle to prevent pilling. Typically, these settings help prevent the formation of lint balls, and it's recommended to wash them inside out.

New clothing

Adding new clothing to your wardrobe is an exciting process, but new items should be washed separately a few times, following the instructions on the label. New items often release unfixed dyes that can dye other clothing, and separate washing prevents this.

Dark clothing

While this advice may seem obvious, always separate dark clothing from light and white items. Washing dark items together helps prevent light colors from darkening during washing. Violet, blue, brown, and black fabrics can typically be grouped together.