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5 factors of fantastic success of Disneyland

5 factors of fantastic success of Disneyland What is the success of Disneyland (photo: Getty Images)

Disneyland truly is every child's dream, as it's home to some of the largest and most original attractions, as well as the beloved cartoon characters everyone adores.

Instagram profile tells details about Disneyland's success.


Thematization is Disneyland's main feature.

Actors are strictly forbidden from removing their costumes or appearing in the same place in the guise of the same character.

Employees are trained to replicate a character's signature so that autographs are consistent.

Aroma marketing: on the central avenue of the park, there are ventilation holes through which the smells of popcorn and vanilla are spread from the early morning.

Work areas for employees and other non-fairy-tale places are carefully hidden from visitors.


Disneyland's service is meticulous. Every night, the park is cleaned so thoroughly that you could hide a candy wrapper in the bushes, but the cleaners would still find it.

Trash cans are placed every 27 feet, which is about the distance a person can walk while eating a hot dog or a donut.

Disneyland doesn't prohibit these items; it simply avoids creating unnecessary temptations for visitors. Gum and peanuts aren't sold because gum can stick to shoes, and peanuts are a strong allergen.

Understanding the target audience

Disneyland's approach to understanding its target audience is unique. They have rules like "No give five," which means actors shouldn't give high fives to adults to focus on children.

There's also "No sad kids," where employees must comfort crying children, like entertaining them or replacing dropped ice cream.

Attention to every customer

Despite the huge number of guests, employees never leave any visitor unattended: they greet children at the entrance and give them balloons and souvenirs so that everyone feels important.

Interesting fact: there is a rule of hugs here, according to which animators dressed as characters are not allowed to stop hugs first. This should be done by the children themselves.


At Disney, there is an approach: first, a story is created, and then a whole line of products is created around it.

As Forbes emphasized, "Disney's content marketing strategy goes in the opposite direction compared to most brands: when everyone starts with a physical product and then builds a story around it, Disney does the opposite." Disney has mastered the ability to evoke emotions, which is an important aspect of marketing.

How to apply these ideas to yourself:

  • if you have a corporate style, make sure it is everywhere: on business cards, website, branded items
  • exceed customer expectations: give people more than just a service
  • look for an emotional approach to each client, not just selling a product
  • go through the path that the client takes to identify strengths and weaknesses and improve.

An employee of the company recalls: "To learn about the guests' desires, we watched them up close, stood in line with them, rode attractions together, and ate in cafes. Direct interaction allowed us to see their reaction."

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