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5 common bedroom design mistakes and why you should avoid them

5 common bedroom design mistakes and why you should avoid them What mistakes can spoil the design of the bedroom (photo:

The bedroom is one of the house's most important places. The design and arrangement of this room are of great importance because our rest, well-being, and mood depend on it. This article discusses what mistakes lead to an unaesthetic appearance making the bedroom uncomfortable, according to Real Simple.

Bed in corner

Correcting this error is quite easy - move the bed away from the wall. Placing the bed in the corner disrupts the entire flow of the room. Ideally, the bed should be in the center of the far wall so that you can see the headboard when you walk into the room.

Sticking out TV

Having a television will never improve the design of a bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you need to forgo one altogether. After all, every person wants to have a warm, comfy spot to watch your favorite shows or movies.

Designers advise to make the TV in the bedroom inconspicuous. For example, sinking it into the wall so that it looks just like a work of art when turned on. Or hide it on a special shelf in the closet and pull it out when you need it. At other times, the TV will be hidden behind a closed door.

Nightstands of wrong height

Not all beds have the same height, as well as bedside tables. It is worth choosing such that you do not reach up or down in the middle of the night to grab your phone or a glass of water.

There is not enough lighting

You need to use several different types of lighting to create a soft warm glow. For example, diffused lighting on bedside tables thanks to a fabric lampshade or even a glass bulb. Use bedside lamps and wall sconces along with built-in lights.

Lack of chairs and poufs

Of course, the bedroom is used for rest and sleep. But this does not mean that there should not be any chair or something else to sit in it. Add a chair where you can sit and read a book. Also, place ottomans or a soft stool at the foot of your bed. This will not only add a place to sit but also provide a nice transition from the bed to the rest of the room.

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