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Designer reveals secrets for crafting your dream kitchen

Designer reveals secrets for crafting your dream kitchen Trends in kitchen design for 2024 (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Designers unanimously declare that it's worth abandoning the sterile white color in kitchen interiors to avoid creating a space reminiscent of a medical facility. Instead, it's preferable to opt for rich tones.

Express discusses the main trends in kitchen design.

Kitchen design trends

Designer Jessica Evans declares that rich colors take center stage in this year's trends. Specifically: sapphire blue, emerald green, and dark plum.

These colors can be paired with brass metal cabinet handles and natural wood tones to create an elegant backdrop.

For a more traditional kitchen interior, warm beige with terracotta accents is a good choice.

"These timeless colours work well with a range of styles, so it’s easy for you to incorporate them into your space," says Evans.

She also advises bringing cascading plants into the interior, placed in hanging baskets, and growing herbs on the windowsill.

"Layered lighting can help you to highlight different areas when you need them," says the designer.

Designer reveals secrets for crafting your dream kitchenEmerald green color is trending this year (Photo: Freepik)

The expert recommends experimenting with different types of lighting to create a personalized space that suits your home.

The designer suggests leaving kitchen areas open, which visually enlarges the space.

"This creates a more streamlined and minimalistic kitchen space and helps to make the kitchen feel more spacious and organised. Modern kitchens are making a huge shift towards sustainability, natural elements and new technologies to make our lives easier. If you're considering giving your kitchen a makeover this year, consider these trends when making the all-important design choices for your brand-new kitchen," adds Jessica.

Designer reveals secrets for crafting your dream kitchenPendant lights should be placed above the kitchen island (Photo: Freepik)