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4 problems that ruin marriage life with birth of child

4 problems that ruin marriage life with birth of child How the birth of a child can ruin a marriage (photo: Freepik)

While some couples eagerly await parenthood, the leap from married life to parenthood is often exhausting and cumbersome. There are marital problems that often arise as soon as a child is born. New responsibilities emerge, more work - and less time and energy.

Here is the list of main problems associated with the birth of a child that can ruin a marriage, according to the resource on relationship psychology

Many more household chores

Household chores increase significantly as soon as a child is born. Yes, there were household chores before, but now laundry is twice as much, the baby also needs to be fed - and there are many other tasks that need to be done, but there simply isn't enough time for them.

However, not everything can be postponed for later - otherwise, you can stay up late to get things done.

What can help

Easing the situation can be done by dividing all these dreaded duties. Come up with a system, for example, if the husband washes the dishes, then the wife should fold the laundry.

Although this may cause resentment between the couple, a much better option is to make a list of what each of you should do throughout the day. You can also switch duties from time to time for variety.

Different parenting styles

It often happens that parenting styles in a couple do not match. One spouse is usually more relaxed and carefree than the other would like. If this is not properly discussed, resentment can arise between partners, leading to marital problems solely related to parenting.

What to do in this case

Although you may have differences in your parenting styles, it is important to discuss them with your partner. Differences are likely to occur, but both of you need to cooperate and compromise for the successful upbringing of your children.

Learn to accept how both of you approach your children and understand that you both want only the best for them.

New expenses

With the arrival of a child in the family, expenses usually increase. This means that the couple needs to compromise, give up some of their own needs, and spend less money than usual on things like movie outings, buying expensive clothes, vacations, dining out, etc.

Financial issues can also cause serious problems. A financial crisis can lead to stress and increased arguments between partners, with accusations that someone is spending too much or being careless with money.

How to resolve conflict situations

First of all, try to avoid financial problems by saving money long before the child is born and planning all expenses.

However, in any case, creating a family budget can greatly help save and track all money, avoiding any problems in marriage and parenting.

Disappearance of romance

With the arrival of a child, many couples make them the centre of their attention, pushing their partner into the background. However, this is very dangerous for marriage. After all, we all enjoy attention from the one we love the most.

Often you can see how couples miss their lifestyle before the birth of the child, when they spent more time together, had date nights, and had a more active intimate life - and this also leads to stress and conflicts.

How to solve the problem

The birth of a child does not mean that you cannot enjoy each other's company alone. Arrange more dates and intimate moments, as this is important for maintaining your relationship.

You can hire a nanny or ask relatives to take care of the child and go out for a romantic dinner. This will also help you postpone all conversations related to the child and focus on each other, talk about work, gossip, or any topic you discussed before the birth of the child.

Quality time together can bring you closer, reduce stress, and strengthen your marriage.

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