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4 mistakes in marriage that destroy everything

4 mistakes in marriage that destroy everything What is forbidden in marriage (photo:

Sometimes relationships in marriage deteriorate, and the husband and wife start to argue and seem to no longer understand each other. But all this is the result of a problem that starts with insignificant actions that many people do and don't even notice.

What ruins a marriage and how to avoid arguing with your husband or wife, according to Your Tango.

You don't want to listen to your significant other

People often don't even notice when they interrupt their partner. However, this harms relationships because it kills all respect and also looks very rude. Moreover, interrupting and unwillingness to listen to your partner affects intimacy, and passion disappears between partners.

"2 to 3 times a week, invite your main squeeze to sit down and talk about what matters to him or her at that particular moment. Then, set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes, while you listen intently and don't say a word," experts advise.

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You close your eyes

During a conversation, people may not hide their dissatisfaction and roll their eyes. Some do this intentionally to attract attention. Others may not even notice when they roll their eyes. However, this always offends the interlocutor, especially if it is your significant other.

You should not disdain your partner. Listen to their thoughts and respect them. If you have already been told about this bad habit, ask to be reminded of it more often. Work on yourself to avoid ruining your marriage.

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You don't clean up after yourself

In marriage, it often happens that someone leaves behind a dirty bathroom, wet towels, or even socks on the floor. And it annoys. Even if you think it's not that important, your partner may be very offended.

"Ask your spouse for his or her top three neatness requests of you and, then, choose the one that feels least disruptive to your messier lifestyle. Or make some improvements — say 30%–40% more neatness — in all three areas," Your Tango advises.

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You're nitpicking in your relationship

When someone incorrectly loads the dishwasher or doesn't quite tell the story of how you met, it can be annoying. But try not to be so picky. This especially applies to minor details that only ruin relationships when you start to dwell on them.

"When you next feel the urge to remind your spouse that the mugs go in the top rack, or that you ate Chicken Marsala not Parmigiana on your first date, inhale deeply, and zip it," experts advise.