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4 features of vacuum cleaner that can make life much easier

4 features of vacuum cleaner that can make life much easier What vacuum cleaner features can improve your life (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Vacuum cleaners are an important tool when cleaning your home. As it turned out, vacuum cleaners have many other functions besides just cleaning the floor, according to the Martha Stewart website.

Use a vacuum cleaner to find lost items

If you've lost an earring or other small item, you can use a vacuum cleaner to do it without any problems.

Instead of crawling around the house for hours, free the pipe inlet, pull on tights, stockings, or a thin T-shirt, secure it with an elastic band to make it fit snugly, and start vacuuming.

If a small object is hiding in the carpet or tile joints, it will come to the surface and get stuck in the fabric.

Remove dents in the carpet

Dents are caused by heavy furniture and other objects. You can fix this with a vacuum cleaner.

Put ice cubes on them, wait for them to melt, and vacuum the area using a thin and narrow crevice nozzle. It provides intense suction and is great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. This trick will pull the carpet fibers up and remove dents.

Refreshing pillows

Over time, pillows can develop unpleasant odors. Fortunately, a vacuum cleaner can solve this problem too. Sprinkle some powder on the pillows, gently wipe them with a damp sponge, and leave for an hour. Then vacuum them as usual. You won't be disappointed with the result.

Clean windows

Windows can become excessively dirty and dusty (especially if there are industrial buildings nearby). They can also be irritants if there are family members with dust allergies.

Starting window cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will save time and result in a shinier finish. Vacuum the surfaces, especially the frames and window mechanisms, then you'll need less time to change the water.

What not to vacuum


Regularly vacuuming hair from carpets or floors will eventually cause it to become tangled in the brush. This will ultimately lead to a decrease in suction power. So, the vacuum cleaner will either work poorly or burn out.

The best thing you can do with hair on the floor is to gather it by hand or with a broom, and for carpets, it's best to clean them with a damp brush.


Vacuums are not designed to handle wet waste or liquids. Attempting to clean up coffee grounds with a vacuum will clog the hose and filter, and the coffee sludge, if it gets inside, will moisten other debris. Eventually, it will rot and become covered in mold, leading to malfunction.


Neither glass nor ceramic residue should be vacuumed. Tiny shards of such materials can get stuck in the tube, and if your vacuum has a bag, it might tear.