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19,000 Russian troops deployed near Ukraine's border: Ukrainian Armed Forces confirm

19,000 Russian troops deployed near Ukraine's border: Ukrainian Armed Forces confirm Photo: The Russian Federation has deployed 19,000 troops near the border with Ukraine (press service of the Joint Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

The Russian army continues its aggression against Ukraine from the territories of its border regions. Occupiers have concentrated approximately 19,000 troops near the border with Ukraine, according to the press-service of the Joint Forces Operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Invaders continue aggression against Ukrainians in the territories of the Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod regions. Occupiers conduct reconnaissance, shell border areas, use aviation and drones, and launch missile strikes with ballistic and guided missiles.

In addition to military targets, Russia seeks to destroy energy, transportation, and industrial infrastructure. The enemy strikes residential neighborhoods, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and warehouses with humanitarian aid.

"To accomplish these tasks, the aggressor country has deployed a troop formation totaling about 19,000 individuals, armed with tanks, combat armored vehicles, artillery, and missile technology, air defense systems, and operational-tactical missile complexes," the statement says.

The Joint Forces Command emphasizes that monitoring the enemy's activity in the border regions of the Russian Federation and Belarus shows no signs of the enemy forming strike groups.

Belarus assists Russia in the war

From the early days of the full-scale invasion, Belarus has been assisting Russia in the war against Ukraine. In February 2022, Russian equipment entered Ukraine from Belarusian territory.

Additionally, Russia declared its intention to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, and Russian troops are stationed at Belarusian training grounds. Therefore, Ukrainian forces continue to strengthen border security.

Moreover, defenders in the northern regions of Ukraine recently conducted training exercises, overcoming obstacles and practicing storming techniques.