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14 signs of true friendship: Check strength of your bonds

14 signs of true friendship: Check strength of your bonds How to spot true friendship (photo: Freepik)

Friendship plays a great role in people's lives. They often say, "Friends are the family we choose consciously." It is possible, though, to detect whether your connection is true friendship, writes Pleso.

How to assess your level of friendship

In reality, you can easily understand how strong and honest your friendship is, perhaps one you've been building throughout your life. To evaluate the level of friendship, there are certain signs, but remember that you should have your own criteria, and they can vary significantly.

Analyze what you do together

  • exchange emotions, thoughts, and actions

  • enjoy spending time together

  • provide moral support to each other, and, if necessary, financial support

  • respect each other's personal boundaries

  • can compromise on your interests for the sake of a friend

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What you are thinking about

  • trust each other and feel safe

  • complement each other

  • strive to maintain friendly relations

  • endeavor to show attention and respect

How you feel in each other's presence

  • a deep emotional connection and fondness

  • the person fills a gap in your life

  • you are sincere and honest with each other

  • you share many similarities, but appreciate the differences

  • you often express similar emotions in different situations and behave similarly

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