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Psychologist emphasizes importance of thanking each other

Psychologist emphasizes importance of thanking each other Why thanking each other is so important (photo: Freepik)

Words of gratitude hold immense power and value, yet, for some reason, we often forget to express thanks for small gestures or simply for each other's presence and kindness. The significance of expressing gratitude to one another is highlighted by psychologist Oleksiy Satanovsky on Instagram.

Why it is important to thank each other

"No one owes anything to anyone, just saying 'thank you' to each other is so easy and simple, but we are not used to it, of course, not used," the psychologist notes immediately.

If your partner gives you something, you start saying thanks, and if you give something to your partner, they start expressing gratitude. According to the psychologist, if you simply start saying "thank you" to your partner not only for actions and gifts but also for small things, you can quickly notice how much your relationship will change.

Gratitude allows a person to understand that their actions are not meaningless and small. This adds weight not only to relationships in a couple but also in friendship, relationships between colleagues, acquaintances, and just in daily life.

People always enjoy hearing thanks for their actions, work, words, etc. Gratitude works as a motivator for new achievements, both for women and men, with no exceptions.

The psychologist says that in the relationship between a man and a woman, gratitude to each other plays an important role and can take the relationship to a new level, showing that building relationships is a job that can sometimes be done simply with words that are truly important, and the main thing is that they work.

Saying the word "thank you" is so simple, but people don't do it because they don't consider it necessary to do it all the time.

So, thanking people is actually a very important communication tool that can melt the ice, improve others' attitudes towards you and vice versa, and even take your relationships and life to a new level.

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