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13 more Israelis to be released by HAMAS today

13 more Israelis to be released by HAMAS today Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

As part of the prisoner exchange between Israel and HAMAS, 13 more people will be released today, according to The Times of Israel.

About 50 hostages - children, their mothers, and other women - are to be released over the next four days, during which the Israel Defense Forces will suspend its military campaign to destroy the HAMAS terrorist group in the Gaza Strip. In exchange for each hostage, three Palestinian security prisoners will be released.

The four-day truce can be extended for one more day for each group of 10 hostages released by HAMAS.

Release of hostages

On November 24, HAMAS militants released the first group of hostages who had been sent to a checkpoint on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. This became possible after Israel declared a temporary ceasefire.

As part of the agreement, Hamas released 13 hostages who are Israeli citizens. The mothers and children were handed over to the Red Cross. In addition, 10 Thai citizens and one Filipino citizen were released from captivity.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he intends to return all HAMAS hostages.

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