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Netanyahu: 'We are committed to achieving all of war's objectives'

Netanyahu: 'We are committed to achieving all of war's objectives' Photo: Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (GettyImages)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he intends to continue seeking the release of all those still held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, reports CNN.

"I emphasize to you, the families, and to you, the citizens of Israel: We are committed to returning all our hostages. This is one of the war’s objectives, and we’re committed to achieving all of the war’s objectives," he said.

Release of hostages and a temporary ceasefire

On November 24, Hamas militants released the first group of hostages after the start of a four-day ceasefire with Israel. The former hostages were sent to the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Specifically, as per the agreement, Hamas released 13 captives who are citizens of Israel. Mothers and children were handed over to Red Cross workers.

In addition, 10 citizens of Thailand and one citizen of the Philippines were released from Hamas captivity.

The day before, the Defense Minister of Israel, Yoav Gallant, stated that the ceasefire with Hamas would be short-lived.

For more details on what Israel has agreed with Hamas and how long the war is expected to continue, you can read the material from RBC-Ukraine.