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11 signs of cruel hypocrite poisoning your life

11 signs of cruel hypocrite poisoning your life Illustrative photo (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Sometimes communication with certain individuals only leaves a bitter taste. Among friends, colleagues, or even relatives, there may lurk a cruel hypocrite who poisons everything around. How to recognize a toxic liar, is explained by Hack Spirit.

They want to please everyone. Real hypocrites dream of being close to those who truly have power. Their deceit is hard to miss, it's so blatant that it's nauseating.

They are selfish and always think of their own benefit. A hypocrite won't help just because; they only do what brings them gain. For the sake of reward, such a person is capable of anything, and won't even lift a finger without it.

They always want to talk about themselves and boast about something. If you encounter someone who demonstrates their own superiority and constantly praises themselves, they're toxic. Hypocrites assert themselves only when they feel superior to others.

They do everything for a "good image." Sometimes you may notice that someone talks too much about their supposedly best qualities, but violates their own principles. Deceit and hypocrisy are the main signs of false hypocrites.

They constantly gossip. Know that if a person likes to discuss others with you, they do the same when you're not around. Hypocrites gather gossip and reveal others' secrets, finding pleasure in the consequences of their misdeeds.

11 signs of cruel hypocrite poisoning your lifeSigns of a hypocritical person (photo:

Talk a lot - do nothing. When you're promised too much but nothing is delivered, it's time to reconsider. Hypocrites can promote themselves well, give many false indicators, but they always put themselves first.

They need too much attention. Everyone around hears about hypocrites' successes. They loudly talk about their own victories and are even capable of exaggerating them. Recognizing such a person is easy - they always demonstrate an ideal life, in communication and on social media.

11 signs of cruel hypocrite poisoning your life

Signs of a hypocritical person (photo:

They won't let you forget your own mistakes. When you constantly hear about where and when you failed, it's not friendly reminders. A hypocritical person will constantly bring you back to negative memories, as this is how they "feed" on your emotions.

They depend too much on others' opinions. Making a good impression on people is hypocrites' number one goal. They are so focused on this that they can lose their own opinion.

Criticism and more criticism. Hypocritical people are constantly dissatisfied with everyone. They will offend anyone they can. And if you hear criticism, mean jokes, and constant discussion of your appearance from someone - it's time to think.

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