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Things to know about inner critic

Things to know about inner critic What to know about inner critic (photo: Freepik)

People often feel like failures, even if they have achieved significant results in life, or they beat themselves up for not being as successful as others, thinking they are lazy and unworthy of love. This self-criticism leads to nothing good.

Here are tips on how to get rid of the inner critic from the Kyiv Courtyard Psychology and Development Center.

What you need to know about the inner critic

In moments of despair, a person can easily believe in such harsh words and self-blame spoken by their inner critic.

"The inner critic has a noble goal: it watches to ensure our self-esteem is balanced, but if it gets too much power, it becomes not a helper, but an enemy," psychologists explain.

The inner critic helps a person achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. However, if it becomes too much, it demotivates and paralyzes the person.

"It's hard to remain a creative, determined person when someone stands behind you who belittles you for any action," experts added.

Psychologists say that our inner voice can speak in the words of our relatives or acquaintances. For example, with the phrases of a grandmother who compared us to classmates, or with the words of a father who couldn't praise us.

"We may think that the inner critic is right because it repeats what we have already heard from important people to us. But there is no truth in this criticism," psychologists say.

Inner critic is not a friend

"Criticism can take various forms, and the critic is very skillful in selecting images and negative evaluations. But these images do not withstand reality checks. Each of us can do foolish or bad deeds, but we do not become fools or villains because of them," psychologists explain.

So, if you hear a voice next time that says, "You're worse than others," think about what you would say to a person who insults your friend. That's why you need to put your inner critic in its place.

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