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Why Russia targeting Novooleksandrivka: Military expert revealed three main goals

Why Russia targeting Novooleksandrivka: Military expert revealed three main goals Photo: Ukrainian Armed Forces deny full occupation of Novooleksandrivka by Russian troops (GettyImages)

Despite analysts' claims, the Armed Forces of Ukraine assert that the enemy has not fully occupied the village, and the part of Novooleksandrivka into which the Russians have broken through is under the fire control of Ukrainian soldiers who continue to hold off the aggressor's pressure. The Ukrainian fighters are currently holding back the occupiers' advance.

RBC-Ukraine revealed what is happening in Novooleksandrivka and the objectives pursued by the Russian forces.


Current situation in Novooleksandrivka

Recently, analysts from the DeepState channel reported that the Russians were occupying Novooleksandrivka in the Donetsk region, stating that the invaders were trying to secure positions on the western outskirts. This morning, the resource's updated map indicated that the enemy had advanced in several other localities.

However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces refuted this information. The 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade, named after General Corporal Marko Bezruchko, informed via Facebook that the full occupation of the settlement is not in question.

Why Russia targeting Novooleksandrivka: Military expert revealed three main goals

Photo: DeepState map showing Novooleksandrivka as occupied (screenshot from

"The information about the complete occupation of Novooleksandrivka by the enemy is not true," the brigade's post stated.

The military emphasized that the invaders have occupied a significant part of Novooleksandrivka, but "not all," and the enemy does not fully control the settlement.

"Heavy fighting is currently taking place on its streets. The overwhelmingly strong enemy is fiercely advancing, but the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade's fighters and adjacent units are making extraordinary efforts to hold back its savage onslaught. The part of the settlement the enemy broke through is under our fire control. All measures are being taken to drive the invaders out. The fighting continues, and the situation is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," added the fighters.

Goals of the Russian forces

According to Military-political analyst Oleksandr Kovalenko of the Information Resistance group, the enemy aims to achieve three objectives by trying to capture Novooleksandrivka. Firstly, to form a safety buffer for almost the entire southern flank south of Highway 0511, reaching the left bank of the Volga River and the Karlivske Reservoir. The second goal is to reach Highway 0504 through Vozdvyzhenka, specifically the logistic artery from Pokrovsk to Kostiantynivka and Chasiv Yar. The third goal is to start offensive actions towards Toretsk, thereby opening the Toretsk direction.

"All three positions I mentioned are at the operational-tactical level. If the Russians capture Novooleksandrivka, followed by Vozdvyzhenka, and reach highway 0504, this can be considered a tactical success for them by cutting off the logistic artery," explained Kovalenko.

According to him, the occupation of Novooleksandrivka will not worsen the situation for Pokrovsk. Still, it will significantly complicate the logistics in the Kramatorsk direction, making the material and technical supply of Ukrainian forces less convenient.

Why the enemy is breaking through

The expert noted that this entire frontline began to collapse after the Russians captured Ocheretyne, negatively impacting the defense of this line of engagement.

Why Russia targeting Novooleksandrivka: Military expert revealed three main goals

"After Ocheretyne was lost, which was supposed to hold for several months but was lost in a few days, it would be interesting to see the investigation results regarding Ocheretyne. This incident initiated more intensive activities on the southern flank, both from 0511 and in the northwest direction. What we are observing now is one of the results of losing Ocheretyne," said Kovalenko.

He explained that Ukrainian forces will continue defensive actions, and the loss of territory should not be overly focused on, as the primary goal is to exhaust the aggressor.

"Our defensive actions include very important phases of exhausting the occupiers. We can withdraw from certain positions where we might suffer more losses than we can afford, forcing the enemy to incur losses. We must make the enemy suffer maximum losses throughout 2024. Therefore, withdrawing from positions, as we have done before, will continue. This is how defense and attrition are conducted," said Kovalenko.

However, the expert emphasized that losing specific settlements, such as Novooleksandrivka or Vozdvyzhenka, should ideally be avoided.

"Because leaving these important locations would allow the Russians to achieve tactical or operational-tactical success," concluded the expert.

Earlier this week, British intelligence suggested that the Russian army might have taken control of the village of Novooleksandrivka in the Donetsk region, approximately 20 km north of Avdiivka. The British pointed out that controlling Novooleksandrivka would allow the Russians to closely approach one of the main supply routes for Ukrainian forces.

Moreover, Nazar Voloshyn, spokesperson for the Operational Command Kharkiv, reported that the Russian troops are attempting to approach a vital road to Kostiantynivka and develop an offensive.

Sources: data from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade, named after General Corporal Marko Bezruchko, DeepState analysts, British intelligence, and an exclusive comment from a military-political observer of the Information Resistance group, Oleksandr Kovalenko.