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Protests in Serbia: Police detained at least 38 demonstrators

Protests in Serbia: Police detained at least 38 demonstrators In Serbia, during protests, the police arrested at least 38 people (photo: GettyImages)

Serbian police have detained at least 38 individuals who participated in an opposition protest against widespread irregularities in parliamentary and local elections, reports the AP.

High-ranking police official Ivica Ivković announced that the detainees are accused of inciting violent change of the constitutional order, attempting to overthrow the government, and engaging in violent behavior. He added that eight officers were injured during the unrest, some of them seriously.

"Police are ready and capable of countering any acts of violence with determination," Ivković stated.

In contrast, the opposition claimed that law enforcement used excessive force and beat some of its supporters.

What proceeded this

The opposition has been protesting since the elections on December 17, alleging falsification. OSCE observers confirmed violations in the Serbian elections, including voter bribery and media bias.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić referred to the protesters as hooligans and arrogant revolutionaries and called for an emergency meeting of the National Security Council due to the protests.

Almost 40 demonstrators were arrested during a protest by the opposition coalition Serbia against Violence on December 24 in Belgrade, after a masked group attempted to enter the building of the Belgrade Assembly.

Windows and entrance doors were broken, and the police inside the building used tear gas and pepper spray. Law enforcement reported that seven officers were injured during the incidents.

For more details on the reasons for the protests and what the Serbian opposition seeks, read the article by RBC-Ukraine.