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Zodiac signs to reunite with loved ones by end of spring

Zodiac signs to reunite with loved ones by end of spring Which of the Zodiac signs will reconcile with their exes (collage by RBC-Ukraine)

The horoscope for the second half of May will tell who among the representatives of the zodiac constellation will restore relationships with people from the past. These can be both romantic relationships and connections with someone from close friends.

Collective World tells who from the zodiac signs will restore broken relationships at the end of May.


Your first step in repairing broken relationships is to acknowledge the pain you've been caused. In your attempts to always take the high road, you've kept everything you thought and felt inside, causing additional damage. Perhaps you thought you were avoiding drama and tried to maintain outward calm, but ultimately, you created internal chaos.

Regardless of the outcome of your attempts to make peace, you must realise that your well-being is a priority. Stay true to yourself and prioritize your feelings. This will allow you to approach negotiations from a position of emotional maturity. And your partner will understand that you care and will offer ways to improve the relationship.


You're considering the unthinkable: giving someone dear to you a second chance. Normally, there's no going back with you - if you've cut someone off, it's for good - but this is a different case. You've realized that we're all human and we all make mistakes. Rejecting hypocritical double standards is the only way to maintain long-term relationships.

The fact that people sometimes let us down doesn't mean they can never make amends. Every time you show empathy and forgiveness, someone is more likely to do the same for you.


You may need to seek out a professional mediator to help restore broken relationships. There's nothing shameful in seeking support where it can bring true healing to both sides. This could be a psychologist, counselor, or a close friend.

Sometimes the conflicts we face are more extensive than we can handle alone. Sometimes we can't piece everything back together. With assistance, both partners will learn and grow, gain experience, and understand how committed the other side is to reconciliation. Sometimes we all just want to feel that someone is worth fighting for.


You'll extend an olive branch to someone in your life with whom you've recently had issues. Enough time has passed, and you've forgotten what caused the initial rift. Now you're ready to move forward in the spirit of mutual forgiveness. Your imagination has run wild at the thought of life without that person, and they've decided they want a different outcome.

Sometimes that's all it takes to change the situation. For one side to recognize how much they care about the other. We may constantly argue and fight, but it's important to return to the idea that together we are better, stronger, and happier.

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