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Zodiac signs to have difficult start of 2024

Zodiac signs to have difficult start of 2024 RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

Horoscope for January 2024 will reveal which representatives of the zodiac will experience a tense and challenging start to the year. They will face trials in various life spheres and unpredictable situations, according to Spiritualify.


This month, your focus will shift to family, temporarily putting professional matters on the back burner. You will be deeply immersed in domestic and personal concerns.

Your determination in January will be unwavering, and this trait will be crucial in overcoming challenges that may seem insurmountable at first glance.

In January, you will enjoy a certain freedom in decision-making, and challenging circumstances are unlikely to hinder your choices or actions. However, moments of sluggishness may arise, potentially hindering your progress.

It's wise to start the month with a more conservative approach, avoiding overly stressful engagements. Over time, you will notice improvements, opening up prospects for a smoother path forward.


In January, your attention shifts towards personal development and family matters, allowing career ambitions to take a back seat. It's crucial for your internal needs, especially those related to your family life, to take priority. You will discover the immense value of activities that not only bring joy but also deep emotional satisfaction.

A sense of calmness will come, providing a favorable moment for bold and decisive new beginnings. Progress in your career this month may not be too rapid.

Approach professional decisions with a stable, measured mindset, making informed choices only after careful consideration.

It's also possible that your relationship with a partner may become a hindrance, especially in terms of supporting your career aspirations. This could impact your professional development, so be cautious.


This month, your attention will be focused on family and personal life. It's a time when professional endeavors may not yield significant progress, so channel your energy into creating harmony at home.

Maintain open communication at home, as it contributes to a stable and positive atmosphere, crucial for your mental well-being.

Your personal life, especially how you interact with those closest to you, will take precedence over other life areas. You'll find that confidence and dynamic energy fill you with the drive to achieve your goals.

This allows you not to compromise your needs for the sake of others. However, approach the beginning of the month with caution, even when engaging in activities that bring you joy.


This month, your attention will be drawn to home and family matters. It's a time for careful and measured actions, as no significant events are expected to disrupt your routine or demand extra energy expenditures.

Your dedication to family matters will be of utmost importance, and you will work towards creating safe and pleasant environment at home. This commitment will not only benefit your loved ones but also strengthen you spiritually.

You will demonstrate impressive resilience in your growth. You can rely on your internal resources, as you are well-equipped to confidently pursue your goals, regardless of external support or guidance.

However, balancing professional ambitions and family obligations can be a serious challenge. Establishing this balance is crucial when managing these competing demands. You might consider a change in life circumstances or allowing for personal luxuries.