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Zelenskyy: Ukrainian drones can reach 1,300 km but won't replace missiles

Zelenskyy: Ukrainian drones can reach 1,300 km but won't replace missiles Photo: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (GettyImages)

Ukraine has increased drone production and their range to 1300 kilometers. However, drones will not replace missiles, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated in his interview with Trudy Rubin.

According to Zelenskyy, Ukraine now possesses high-tech drones and has ramped up their production. Their current range exceeds 200 kilometers.

"We have drones today that can reach 1200, even over 1300 kilometers. But we must understand that these are drones, and their power is much less than that of missiles. Russians also have Shahed drones, and we've learned to shoot them down, most of them. Today, we don't use missiles against drones. We've learned how to deal with this. The Russians are suffering from our drone attacks today, but they are also learning," Zelenskyy said.

He also noted that it's impossible to compare the striking power of a drone with that of a missile, just as it is impossible to compare their speed.

"These are different tools for different purposes. In any case, we are developing our missile industry, and I am confident that we will succeed in this direction," he emphasized.

Drone production in Ukraine

Since Russia's full-scale invasion, Ukraine has begun mass-producing its own drones. Drones have become one of the primary means of striking enemy equipment across the front lines.

Ukraine manufactures both aerial and maritime drones. The production of maritime drones has provided a significant advantage in the Black Sea and helped destroy a large number of Russian ships.

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