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Zelenskyy rejects China's 'peace' efforts, prolonging Russian war

Zelenskyy rejects China's 'peace' efforts, prolonging Russian war Photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Ukraine rejects alternative Peace Summits, including China's proposal. With Beijing's support, Russia's war against Ukraine will last longer, states Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a media briefing at the Shangri-La Dialogue conference in Singapore.

He stated that Ukraine views China's refusal to participate in the Peace Summit unfavorably.

Regarding alternative peace summits, Zelenskyy emphasized that Ukraine, as a victim of war, should independently propose peaceful initiatives.

"With all due respect to any country, neither China, nor Brazil, nor anyone fully understands what Russia has brought to our country with this war. I wish peace to all countries so that no one suffers losses, mass graves, casualties, etc. But Ukrainians have perished, Russians have assaulted our people, our women, kidnapped tens of thousands of our children. No one has the right to tell us how this war should end," the head of state declared.

In Zelenskyy's opinion, with China's support, Russia's war against Ukraine will be prolonged, "which is detrimental to the entire world." The President believes Beijing has made a strategic mistake by supporting the aggressor.

"You cannot claim to support Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty while supporting a country that violates all principles of the UN Charter," the President said.

Zelenskyy also stressed that it is acceptable not to support a peace summit, but sabotaging it means supporting war.

"One can refrain from helping Ukraine and the civilized world to end the war. But it seems to me that sabotaging a Peace Summit, taking steps to prevent some leaders from attending, pressuring them — this does not bring peace closer. It's not just supporting Russia; it's effectively supporting war," added the President.

China's position on the war

China claims to maintain a supposedly neutral position regarding Russia's war against Ukraine. Beijing asserts its support for Ukraine's territorial integrity, yet Chinese companies continue to enhance cooperation with Russia.

China supplies dual-use goods to Russia, which Moscow can utilize, particularly in the production of weaponry.

Additionally, China declined to participate in Ukraine's Peace Summit, citing alleged unmet demands, particularly concerning Russia's involvement.