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Zelenskyy on risks of Ukraine losing war: Without help, we will move backwards

Zelenskyy on risks of Ukraine losing war: Without help, we will move backwards Archive photo: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Losing the war with Russia can happen if territories are lost, consequently losing people as well. And by moving step by step back, a country can be lost, stated President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Unity of allies

"What is it to defend your country and be a real shield against the occupation of the Russian Federation? It is truly assistance from allies, and it is very necessary. It is difficult to stand and hold the enemy. Even more difficult is to recapture the already occupied territories. For this, unity and weapons are needed," the President said.

According to him, if there is no unity in the world, if some leaders will be thinking of how to bypass sanctions, how to involve Russia in economic projects frozen due to the war, then we will be losing unity.

He explained that to lose unity means to lose the strength that Western countries are giving to Ukrainian soldiers. Without this unity, Ukraine will lose territories, and without this help, it will have to move backward.

About the risks of losing in a war

"What does it mean to lose a war? It's territory and people. It's people above all. When someone says: territories are not important, people are important. But who lives on this territory? Alive people!" - said the president.

He clarified that losing territories means losing people first and foremost. And this means that step by step you have to move backwards and it means - to lose the whole country.

Putin wants to completely destroy Ukrainians

The president also believes that those who talk about freezing the war somewhere in the middle of Ukraine do not understand the dictator Vladimir Putin to the end.

"Putin talks about the fact that there is no Ukraine, this nation does not exist, this people do not exist. It says only one thing - he wants to completely destroy us," the president said.

Ukraine without the help of the United States will be forced to retreat on the front line

At the end of February, Zelenskyy said that without the assistance of the United States, Ukraine will lose many people on the front line. Additionally, the Armed Forces will not be able to achieve new successes in the field of battle and will be forced to retreat.

Recently, he reiterated that Ukraine will have to retreat step by step if the United States does not restore military aid.

At the last meeting of Ramstein, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said that the United States will not allow Ukraine to lose the war against Russia.