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Zelenskyy calls for more Patriots and F-16s amid Russian attack

Zelenskyy calls for more Patriots and F-16s amid Russian attack Photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Getty Images)

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy responded to the mass attack on Ukraine. He once again appealed to the West, showing the aftermath of the shelling.

"Civilian people, infrastructure, energy facilities. This is what Russia is waging war against. Tonight, another barrage of over 50 rockets of various types and approximately 50 Shahed drones targeted the south, center, and west of Ukraine," he said.

According to him, Russia's main goal is to normalize terror, exploiting the lack of sufficient air defense systems and the resolve of Ukraine's partners.

"Russian terrorists only understand the language of strength. The only way to stop this terror and prevent it from becoming the norm is to timely adopt effective solutions. Full protection of Ukrainian skies must become the norm so that the Kremlin's madness understands that their terror does not achieve its goals," he added.

According to him, partners are aware of what is needed for this.

"Additional Patriots and other modern air defense systems for Ukraine. Acceleration and expansion of F-16 deliveries to Ukraine. Ensuring our soldiers with all the necessary capabilities. Only when Putin loses the ability to strike civilians and civil infrastructure will he be forced to stop his terror. This is a test of humanity and resolve for the free world. Either we pass this test together, or the world will plunge into even greater destabilization and chaos," stated the president.

Russian shelling of Ukraine on June 1

During the night of June 1, Russian forces once again extensively shelled Ukraine, using 100 drones and rockets, most of which were successfully intercepted. However, there are damages to energy facilities in five regions.

This attack marks the sixth mass shelling by Russia targeting Ukraine's energy infrastructure. It is noteworthy that Russians did not engage in mass shelling of Ukraine during winter, choosing instead to escalate in the spring. Russia first targeted energy facilities on March 22. Subsequent attacks occurred on March 29, April 11, April 29, and May 8.