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Zaporizhzhia NPP nears second blackout today: Latest update

Zaporizhzhia NPP nears second blackout today: Latest update Photo: Zaporizhzhia NPP (Getty Images)

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) faced the brink of a blackout for the second time today. Occupants damaged the line supplying the station, but everything has now been restored, according to the Ministry of Energy.

"Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) remained on a single power line for the second time within 24 hours. Last night, shelling damaged the 330 kV power transmission line, resulting in an additional power supply scheme for the station being taken offline," the statement reads.

As of the morning, according to the ministry, the line's operation has been restored, and ZNPP's power needs are being fully met.

Ukraine shelling on March 22

Following the extensive shelling of Ukraine on March 22, which was an unprecedented attack on the country's energy infrastructure in recent times, the 750 kV "Dniprovska" power line supplying ZNPP was cut off. The station was on the verge of a blackout for several hours until the power was restored, remaining on a single power line.

Additionally, Dnipro HPP came under attack, including a rocket hitting a trolleybus crossing the dam, resulting in the driver's death. There were no passengers on board the electric transport at the time. In total, the invaders fired 8 rockets at the station, two of which hit directly. More details on the consequences of this shelling can be found in RBC-Ukraine's report.