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Zaluzhnyi advocates strategic changes in war tactics for victory over Russia

Zaluzhnyi advocates strategic changes in war tactics for victory over Russia Valerii Zaluzhnyi (Photo: facebook com vzaluznyj)
Author: Daria Shekina

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, emphasizes the role of advanced technologies in conducting military operations to gain an advantage over the enemy, according to an article by the Ukrainian military leader for CNN.

In the material, Zaluzhnyi expresses his vision of important changes to the approaches in conducting war and identifies the main tasks for the current year for the Armed Forces.

"Our combat experience, particularly since 2022, is unique – but in the interests of victory, we must constantly find new ways and new capabilities to help us gain an advantage over the enemy," emphasizes the general.

According to Zaluzhnyi, in this context, technologies have an "undoubted superiority over tradition." They allow increasing the number of non-contact combat actions, consequently reducing the level of losses.

"The challenge for our armed forces cannot be underestimated. It is to create a completely new state system of technological rearmament," the general emphasized.

Assessment of Zaluzhnyi's strategy on the front and the stage of the war

General Valerii Zaluzhnyi is a supporter of NATO standards, so after he was appointed the Commander-in-Chief, he stated that his goal was the transformation of the Armed Forces. The military leader has always advocated modern approaches in combat training and emphasized the importance of continuous development and improvement in the army, utilizing technologies on the battlefields.

In December 2023, an article by Valerii Zaluzhnyi was published in The Economist, where he noted that the war was entering a new stage - a "positional" one, characterized by protracted battles. In his opinion, this could benefit Russia, but there is a way out of the situation - innovative approaches can transform the "positional" war into a "maneuvering" one.