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You will be surprised: Dermatologist identifies product that causes sweating

You will be surprised: Dermatologist identifies product that causes sweating Photo: Why some people sweat a lot (

The biggest downside of summer is sweating. It turns out that what theoretically should help can cause even more discomfort and lead to unpleasant odors... A dermatologist Dr. Adel on TikTok advises on what to replace the popular remedy that makes us sweat excessively.

Product that exacerbates sweating

Let's start with the fact that sweating is a natural function of the body, particularly during physical exertion or fever. Sweating is necessary, among other reasons, to help regulate body temperature.

However, remember that both too little and excessive sweating can cause problems.

In addition to wet patches under the armpits, sweaty palms, and a shiny face, there's another issue - body odor.

Dermatologist Dr. Adel, known for her TikTok presence, shared a simple tip on how to combat sweat. It turns out that the culprit behind it all is deodorant!

Dr. Adel pointed out that deodorants do not actually stop sweating; rather, they function like perfumes that merely cover up the smell of sweat. She expressed strong distaste for the concept of sweat blending with fragrance.

What to use instead of deodorant for armpits

While deodorant is likely the first product you'll reach for to prevent sweating and odor, it's not the best choice. Instead, Dr. Adel recommends opting for an antiperspirant, which actively reduces sweating. The dermatologist also advises on when it's best to use it for maximum effectiveness.

The expert explained that applying antiperspirant at night is crucial for success, despite how unconventional it may sound. According to her, doing so optimizes its effectiveness because, during sleep, sweat glands are less active, allowing them to absorb the antiperspirant more efficiently.

Additionally, active ingredients in antiperspirants typically contain aluminum-based compounds that temporarily block sweat gland openings. Blocking them reduces the amount of sweat that reaches the skin.

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