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Will Ukraine receive F-16s in February? Air Forces react to rumors

Will Ukraine receive F-16s in February? Air Forces react to rumors F-16 (Getty Images)

The exact timing of sending American F-16 fighters to Ukraine is currently impossible to predict. The optimal option for Ukraine would be deliveries at the beginning of the next year, as the spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force Yurii Ihnat said to Ukrainian TV.

He commented on The Wall Street Journal's information that Ukraine expects to deploy F-16s to defend its airspace in February 2024.

According to Ihnat, the media has summarized all statements about the transfer of F-16s made by European, American, and Ukrainian politicians. However, forecasts on this matter vary.

"As of now, it is impossible to say exactly when this will happen. There are forecasts that the transfer will take place at the beginning of the next year - that would be quite good. We can tell that it will be the soonest," he added.

Ihnat explains that the preparation process involves not only learning the English language but also training to operate the aircraft. In particular, pilots need to learn how to fight using the F-16.


Earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ukraine may deploy F-16s earlier than expected.

Unnamed representatives of Ukraine expect that pilots will use American fighters as early as this winter.

According to the estimates of the media's sources in Ukraine, the United States can prepare English-speaking pilots in five months.