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Unraveling reasons behind men's hesitation to propose

Unraveling reasons behind men's hesitation to propose Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Some believe that the proposal of marriage should happen at a certain stage of a relationship, but that's not always the case. Fear of commitment can be a real challenge for many: uncertainty about the future, a desire to maintain freedom, anxious thoughts about finances, and more, according to the psychological portal Mentoly on Instagram.

He already has what he wants from you

If you live together, have a sexual life, share expenses, and work as a couple, the man may not have a special incentive to propose.

If he marries you, what will he get? If a man says, "Marriage is just a piece of paper" or "We are already practically married," then most likely, a wedding is just seen as unnecessary expenses and paperwork.

What to do:

Clarify with your partner whether you have common views on marriage. Perhaps getting married without a lavish celebration will be enough for you.

Fear of commitment

Men often have a fear of responsibility due to certain perceptions of how marriage changes a couple's life.

The impact of financial and household responsibilities that the partner doesn't want to take on can also be included here. These obligations can cause anxiety about losing freedom or fear of failure.

What to do:

Discuss with your partner how you see the distribution of responsibilities within the couple. Share your and his expectations regarding changes in the conditions of your life and whether you want significant financial contributions from your partner after marriage.

Unraveling reasons behind men's hesitation to propose

Why men don't propose (photo: Freepik)

Uncertainty and low self-esteem

Men often have doubts about themselves and are not sure if they are sincerely loved. A man is a living and sensitive person with his baggage and complexes.

What to do:

  • Let him know that you love and respect him.
  • Praise him and tell him how great he will be as a future husband.
  • Talk to him about his fears so that everything is open.

How long to wait for a proposal

There are no clearly defined time frames for how long to wait for a proposal from a man. The level of understanding and agreement on long-term goals plays an important role in making this decision.

Is it worth leaving the partner if he doesn't want to get married

If your partner says he doesn't want to get married, and the idea of marriage is important to you, perhaps it's time to reassess your relationship.

Remember that every relationship is unique, and there is no universal answer. Communication, patience, and understanding are key to solving this issue.